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1-Outlet Water Timer

1-Outlet Water Timer


Automatic Watering:

Make your garden independent and free yourself from a task. The water timer takes care of your watering needs automatically so that you can have more time to do your other tasks or rest without worrying about watering your garden.

Wide Customization: The water timer allows you to adapt watering for the needs of your garden by featuring frequency and duration customization. You can set the duration from 1sec to 99min and frequency from 1 hour to 15 days.

Easy Navigation: The buttons and display are easy to understatnd and manage so that you can easily navigate the controls and set it up as simple and fast as possible.

Simple Installation: No experience, complicated procedures, and tools, are required to install the water timer, simply screw it in your existing hose bibb

Intelligent Screen: All important information such as timing and battery life is displayed on a 2.76 inch screen.   The screen also tunrs off when not in use to prolong battery life.

Multifunction:  Save water and avoid overwatering with the rain delay feature which allows you to override the auto watering.  Also, protect your watering settings from being interrupted by activating the child lock feature.  Furthermore, choose when to water your garden with the manual watering mode.

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