About Us

We spotted a lack of good quality home products available in the market and since then our daily objective has been to fulfill people's needs and facilitate their daily tasks with our ergonomic products but before you proceed reading about us here is an interesting fact about our store name.
Sublimely Definition: To a very high degree or standard you admire very much.
Our brand name is not a coincidence, it is not a random word that just came to mind, it was carefully chosen by our founder because he knew the reputation he wanted for the brand before we started this journey, and in order to get the admiration he knew he wanted he also knew he needed to have high standards on every single part of the company, from the product quality to customer service. He sat down brainstorming for a while thinking about something that would represent his company, after a while he found the word "sublimely", which was perfect because the meaning was directly related to his goals for the company, and he wanted people to identify us as subleme. Later on he designed a logo to complement our name which features a sun in the upper middle part and a star on each side. People look up to the sun and contemplate it as this powerful and inmense thing in the galaxy and the stars as unreachable things up in the sky, both are admired equally, just want he wanted for the company since the beggining. Since then our founder has been completely commited to deliver the best home products of the best quality, functionality, and appeal, all of it coupled with a superior website experience, and customer service. Today, we are a great dedicated team and we are happy to say we are escalating towards supreme admiration from our customers through our high standards targeted to satisfying them and making their lifes easier at home by providing the best products. We hope that the high quality home products we provide will live a long lasting impact, therefore, remaining in the hearts of the people that choose us. We will continue this journey to be sublimely and create great relationships with our customers.