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LED Solar Step Light

LED Solar Step Light

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Create a Beautiful atmosphere: 

The step lights create a beautiful atmoshphere to your deck, stairs, fence, backyard, and driveway.  Anywhere you install them they will add the perfect touch of cozy light the place needs, giving the place a more welcoming and outstanding atmosphere at night.

Easy Installation:  Other lights require some electrical experience and a long, tedious process to install them.  These lights do not require any overwhleming installation process, simply peal the included tape and stick it where you need it.

Durable: The step lights were built with resistant ABS plastic to resist minor damage and hits, it also features durable components to ensure a long service life. Besides including double sided tape to stick it on a surface you can also screw them to fix it into place and avoid any chances of it coming off.

Auto on/off:  Instead of you wasting time turning the lights on the sensors detect when the sun is up and when it is down to turn on and off automaticaly when it is required.

Energy Saving:  There is no need for electrical energy and overspending on energy bills, solar energy is the only thing required to fully charge the step lights. 


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