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8 in. All Metal Pruner Shears

8 in. All Metal Pruner Shears

Perfect For All Your Projects: 

Unlike any other shears this one is more capable of handling heavy use like cutting thicker branches while still remaining comfortable for small projects like flower trimming.  You can be confident when using this shears for light and heavy prunning.  

Stronger and More resistant:  Unlike other shears this one is made of all metal, it has an alloy steel handle and a high quality SK-5 balde.  Other shears are made of weak plastic handles and weak blades that break easily.  We ensure a shear more resistant and capable for all use.

Comfortable Grip:  Despite it being capable for heavy duty use, it features a rubber handle to ensure a good grip and it is also shaped for your palm, to remain comfortable while still being able to handle heavy prunning.

Fast and Easy Trimming: The sharp blade allows you to cut branches faster and easier so that you dont spend too much time struggling with poor performing blades.


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