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5 Panel LED Light

5 Panel LED Light

  Tired of your weak bulb that does not allow you to see clearly?

Upgrade Your Lighting To The Next Level

Bring life to your garage, attic, or workplace by enhancing your lighting system wiht our powerful garage light with high quality LED chips that emit 15,000 lumens of brightness, 20 times more lumens than the regular lightbulb.  Discover new places your regular lightbulb does not allow you to see.

Hassle Free Installation: Enjoy high quality lighting without high level installation that is often expensive and difficult to handle. Our garage light fits in any e26/e27 standard socket that allows you to install it like a regular lightbulb, saving you time and money.

Target All Dark Spots: Direct light to wherever you need it most and leave all dark spots behind.  The 5 adjustable panels allow you to move them to your desired angle so that you can direct light to wherever you need it most.

Don't Worry About Early Replacement; Dont worry about replacing your lighting for a long time.  Our garage light features a design that facilitates heat dissipation along with quality heat resistant materials that guarantee a long lifespan.

Pleasant Ambient: The 6500 kelvin emit a cold white temperature for a crisp and invigorating ambient.

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